Saturday, October 13, 2007

Slim Pickins

We went back to SNP Wednesday to spend the night so we could be out early...we should have checked the weather. A cold front came through - it was upper 30's Thursday AM, with really strong winds...the birds stayed deep in the woods. About 9 AM, a few juncos ventured out and I snapped this one....I followed one little ruby-crowned kinglet for 10 minutes or so, but it was too fast and my hands were too cold! So this is the "picture of the day!"

Back at Home....
......a sweet little phoebe. It was very still, including the tail, so I was thinking maybe it was a wood pee-wee, but when I looked at the pictures up close, I could see that the bill is all dark.

Well, it tastes good, lets see how it feels!
Football Fever
Nick is playing flag football this year - he's having fun; so are we! #6 is the man to watch.
"Oh, please, throw it here."

Get it, get it, get it.

Whoa, just lying here on the ground ... I can get that.

Come here, ball!

Can't catch me....

Oh gosh, what now?

I'll head him off!

Can't get his teeth knocked out at least.

Big brother watching.

And a cheerleader.

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Bird Girl said...

Oh--don't ya just hate it when the birds are hiding in the cold? It dropped about 30 degrees - one day I was birding with the 'air' on - the very next day I had the HEAT on! The poor things didn't know what to do!
Love the junco picture of the day - and flag football - great fun - we just finished a few years of that and are on to tackle. #6 is a cutie!