Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Post in a Week!

Whew! I was short on help at the store this week, and worked every day, and I was also finishing up on the bluebird story DVD I've been working on, so didn't go anywhere to get pictures, except my own backyard. But yesterday, this gorgeous hawk sat on the snag 500-600ft away for well over 30 minutes before I left. He was doing his peacock imitation and enjoying the sun. He flew down once and had a snack, then went right back to the same spot, still with his back towards me.
Just looking around.
"Oh, grandmother, what a big tail you have!"

"And grandmother, what big talons you have!"


"Unto everything there is a season.."


Oh, please, please, please let her bring out the mealworms before those bluebirds get here!

Everyday, but always so cute.
Hey, there's nothing left for me!

I'll sit here for one second - hurry!

"Am I gorgeous, or what?"

Nice new digs - I like it.
New vented bluebird box I put in for the darlings of the backyard...I love these - they have interchangeable plastic plugs in the sides - vented for summer, and solid for winter snugness. Ollie checked it out and seemed to approve within an hour after I put it up. The camera will go in in February, and this time I'll be able to install it properly so it will stay in focus.

Looking on.

Another one for you, Birdgirl!


Bird Girl said...

Wonderful post, birdlady! That hawk is just BEAUTIFUL! Is it a coopers or a sharpie? What poses!!!
The 'Unto everything there is a season' should be a greeting card -- it is gorgeous! Love the new bb box!

Bird Girl said...

Oh almost forgot - though I HATE starlings - that is a 'darling starling' photo haha!