Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Along Limberlost

This way to the birds!

There were a lot of people out today - While I was answering someone's very loud inquiry as to what I was doing (duh!) John got these shots of a black-throated green warbler. Looks like I didn't crop them enough...the bird is very small - sorry. (The pictures with the hemlock showing are just so nice, I hated to cut it al away.)

This bird, a yellow billed cuckoo, had me puzzled - It was dark gray, not the slightest bit brown, but I don't think it can be anything else.
Showing off his other side.

Blackpoll Warbler: This one required the help of my ID expert friend.
This little beauty was taking a bath in the creek.


Singing in the tub!

Golden crowned kinglet - my picture.....

and John's.

Solitary vireo - my picture.....

and John's.

White-throated sparrow - my picture....

Another of mine.....

and John's.

Couldn't resist the junco - they are still abundant in SNP.

The chipmunks are too.

"Butter-butt" - Yellow-runped warbler.

Phoebe (or wood pee-wee) his tail was on the rail and couldn't move, so I'm not sure; but his bill is all dark, so I'm thinking phoebe.

Wipe your mouth!

The flicker made an appearance.....John got it.
Flowers by the highway....


Bird Girl said...

So many great pictures - where do I begin! Limberlost must be the best warbler spot around! You're right - the hemlock with the green-throat looks awesome! You're so lucky to get the cuckoo bird from the front and get that TAIL! And the little blackpoll? Just the sweetest thing I ever did see! Love every pose - the first looked like he needed some wading boots - loved singin' in the tub!!! John will soon have his own blog - great shots!!!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

I just couldn't wait to see the next pictute in this series. They are all fabulous! You have such a wonderful place to visit for bird-watching. Lucky you!! I certainly enjoy the variety of species. Wonderful work, as usual.