Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dreary Day in Oct

This was a nice surprise - I have only seen a yellow-bellied sapsucker here once before - about this time last year. I heard him before I saw him - good camoflage! I have lots of red-bellies, downy and hairy WPs, and there are red-headed and pileated in the big state forest next to my subdivision, but this fellow was just passing through.

Another traveler. This is the latest I have ever seen one.

The dogwoods are showing more color than anything else so far. And the mockingbird is stealing mealworms - like he does every winter.

I do love them, even if they can be bullies....this one was doing his squirrel imitation!

I didn't have as many goldfinches as usual this summer - but they are here in full force now.


Ever-present....I haven't seen the baby lately.

These are always here too.

And the nuthatches as well - wish another red-breasted would stop by.

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Bird Girl said...

Some beautiful shots there - especially love the mockingbirds! I haven't seen a yellow bellied sapsucker here yet - maybe there is still hope! Neat - thanks!