Friday, August 3, 2007

Going Batty!

Last night we had a bat expert from Batworld NOVA come to Backyard Boutique for a public education program on bats. She was wonderful, and, for August, we had a decent crowd. This is one of her orphans, who cannot ever be released back into the wild. It's the first time I've seen live bats up close and personal, and I didn't really expect to think they were cute - but actually they were. John made the pix - they are actually made off the screen - she held the little bats in the camer's light and we watched them in real time on the screen...She did hold them out for everybody to see their size and their very velvety coats.
Big brown bat.....that's its name, not its size. It was tiny!

Looking for another handout. She fed it mealworms..and it spit out the heads!

Looks like it needed an orthodontist!

Rod (my son and the store manager) looking on from amongst the feeders.

Some of the audience, enjoying the show and the rocking chairs (Amish-made bent oak - absolutely wonderful!)

After dinner enjoyment out back.

The light was getting a little low, so I couldn't "stop" his wings.

I guess these are just more of the same, but I CAN'T STOP!


Bird Girl said...

Oh your store looks so neat! I would love to be able to browse in there...maybe soon, I'll make another trip down your way. Do you know I live about a mile from a very famous little church that is filled with bats. We have the bat cave on our road that supposedly houses all the males and the church has all the females and young. I'll send you a recent article about it. Not sure if they are cute - haha.

The Birdlady said...

Well, how cool is that?! Yeah- they're pretty cute.