Friday, August 3, 2007

Before the Storm

This morning early it sounded like spring outside....There were birds all over, singing cheerfully. I couldn't really figure it out since they have started to quieten down as usual during the late summer, but then around 4, we had a HUGE storm, with wind blowing from directions I've never seen since we've lived here! They always seem to behave differently before storms.
I heard Mr C's babies in the trees, but only got a fleeting glance. (I didn't dare go out looking, because I would have gotten carried away and not gone to work!)

Charlie and friends were busy, busy.

And the young catbird was squeaking away!

I haven't had nearly as many goldfinches as usual this year, but the ones that have been around have been beautiful.. (Another interesting thing: they have eaten far more sunflower seeds than niger.)

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Bird Girl said...

The storm allowed you some golden opportunity for photo ops! Mr.C is so handsome. And Charlie - how sweet he is. I notice the same thing with my goldfinch - they love the black oil sunflower seed and seem to prefer it more than the niger/thistle?? Funny. It's hard to work with all that beauty waiting to be 'captured'!