Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day in the Park

We got up at 5:30, fed the bluebirds, walked the dog, and headed for Shenandoah. We didn't have real high hopes, but we love it there even when we don't have great photo-ops. I wasn't sure about the ID of this little guy until I could enlarge a bit.
He definitely had a yellow back and head, and flitted around warbler-style.
Just so little and happy!

The little chestnut colored patches are beginning...chestnut-sided warbler!

Darn branch!

Look at his right foot. Don't know if he's dancing or about to take off.

And the towhees were still every place.

The female towhee was about to take a bath.

Butterflies were everywhere! So many that it was hard to watch for bird movement.

What's a day without bluebirds? These, of course, aren't quite as gorgeous as "mine."

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Bird Girl said...

Oh!!! That little chestnut sided warbler is just darling and beautiful! I've never seen one! And the butterfly shot - stunning! You're right - those bluebirds can't compare to your own - but then we know how to get very CLOSE - don't we? Ha. You had a very nice day - your towhee shots are always gorgeous!