Saturday, July 21, 2007

We started today's wanderings at Sky Meadow State Park...The wind was fierce, and we decided we really didn't want to do the VERY steep trail on a day that we weren't likely to find many birds out where we could photograph them.

This indigo bunting was about the only bird, other than blackbirds and house sparrows that we saw at Sky Meadow. And he was far, far away!

So back to Shenandoah! Limberlost is at least sheltered from the wind, and we didn't want to just go home. We got there close to noon - so there wasn't too much going on...and it was crowded and loud! We don't usually go on week-ends and this reminded us why. Of course the first thing we heard was towhees. Down at the bridge, this one decided to take a bath while we were there.

Hard to tell what's going on, with the black feathers, dark rocks and water splashing everywhere.

Gotta get his face clean.

Just splashin' in the "tub".....

A final shake.

Yesterday when we saw the bee balm, I said the hummingbirds would love that - One must have overheard, because today she came and visited each one. So beautiful.

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Bird Girl said...

Just lovely hummingbird shots! I do have one of those feeders and rarely use it (shame on my).
The towhee bathing is wonderful! You are making me want a spy cam (big time) wish I could see those little ones hatching. Great bluebird and bunting - aren't those little buggers difficult to get up close?