Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Morning

I have to work today, and John leaves this afternoon for Jax, so not much time. All is well on the spycam - the 3 babies are getting the start of little feathers down the middle of their heads and backs; they're still pretty floppy. Ollie and Camille are so diligent about feeding and cleaning them. It's 9:30 now and dark, and Camille is on the nest and the babies are quiet. My camera isn't quite in focus, but the recordings still are wonderful and exciting.

Camille is looking pretty good for this time of year and 13 babies since April!

They're he-ere.................
This is a Canyon Trading Co. hand-made copper feeder. It's really nice, because extra tubes can be filled ahead and kept in the fridge, so that when one gets a bit low, you can just replace it and put the tube in the DW. Other good things about it are that you can actually see through the glass the hummers' tongues lapping...and the birds love them.
Busy little thing -

They go from tube to tube, just as they do flowers - I think that's probably why they seem to prefer this feeder to others.

He likes the Coles suet kibble - it has insects in it and is in small pieces, so it's easy for him to pick up. He likes it so much he's willing to come to the porch to get some.

This is Mr. C - He and his lady have 3 (I think) babies out in the trees....I haven't had a real good look at them, but have heard them and seen them fleetingly. This tray is fastened to my porch rail...It is wonderful to be able to bring the birds so close. Maybe the baby cardinals will come....Oooooo!

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Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

I love your pictures and how you present them!! The Cardinal appears, somewhat, different than the cardinal in our backyard. Great Shots!