Friday, July 20, 2007


We left very early this morning for Shenandoah. On the way we noticed this white pigeon sitting in a line with the others. On inspection, it looks like a true albino - his eye looks pretty pink to me.
Pretty lowsy photo, but when I enlarge it, the eye looks pink.
John, with his new Olympus 510 and 300MM 2.8 lens (600MM equivalent.)
Bee balm under the bridge on Limber Lost.

I guess this is some sort of lupine - it was in Big Meadow...I thought it was pretty.

Got several not-too great shots of this lady I actually thought I was shooting a northern parula, but turns out it was a female redstart.

Sitting pretty.

Shake your tail feathers baby!

"'re a little bit plain, seems to me."

I'm thinking they should change the name of the park to Towhee Park!

"Drink your tea."

How sweet is this?

So curious!

I love you.

The babies haven't learned yet to be afraid. This little one bounded right up to me - I had to back off to get his picture.


We were just commenting that Ollie and Camille were letting this last brood stay longer than they usually do after a new brood hatches, and.......
Uh, oh. Camille says it's time for them to go.


Flight of fancy.


Bird Girl said...

WOW and WOW again!!! Where do I begin??? Love the albino with the others - what a cool catch. The parula are gorgeous - I've never seen one! John's new set up is wonderful - I don't think I could ever hold one steady with a lens on that.
The deer - oh LOVE ALL of them but especially the cuddly ones (ha) and the flying bluebirds are awesome! Beautiful pictures!

Ted said...

beautiful. thanks.

The Birdlady said...

Thank you, TED...I went to your blog and had a good time.