Sunday, July 8, 2007

Boy, Was it Hot!

I have no idea what these will look like - My monitor developed some vertical lines that were very distracting, so we got another - a huge very glitzy Samsung. But it is very contrasty and bright, and we haven't gotten it right...We did the Eye-One color calibration and that seems OK, but I thought I would go ahead and publish a blog and see how it looks on the other computers.
We went to Sky Meadows State Park today, but since we went right in the middle of a hot day, didn't see much. We could hear birds, but they were deep in the trees.
We did spot this mockingbird, sitting by a very ramshackle nest.

This is just another camera show-off...I could barely tell there was a bird; much less identify it....I made the photo and turns out it is a kingbird.

To tell the truth, I'm not completely sure about this little guy. I thought it was a wood pee-wee, but the lower bill is dark in all my shots. But it seems to have wing bars too defined for a phoebe, nor did it bob its tail. Hmmm.....

Not a bird, but a beautiful flyer.

Earlier in the day, at home... They just delight me all the time!

Isn't he just gorgeous?

Showing off!

Hardly an exotic, but what would summers be without them?

Red-eyed vireo, shot at SNP a couple of weeks ago, that I hadn't even looked at. My expert bird ID friend said it was hard to tell from a "butt-shot." LOL

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Bird Girl said...

This pictures look GREAT on my monitor, birdlady! That baby bluebird is a stunning image - love it!
The bird you weren't sure of looks to me like a very young flycatcher. So cute. Very nice, work!