Friday, July 6, 2007

Backyard Blues - and grays and browns!

Had to work today, so these were from this morning early...The baby bluebirds are getting very brave now. They fly over to the porch even without Dad. I just LOVE them!
Mama is incubating three eggs. We watch on the spycam, and she is sitting on the eggs most of the time. She turns them about every 30 minutes.
Titmouse Tale
This little titmouse was just beside himself this morning! He would fly out to the "bird tree," then fly back and forth, stopping only to sing!
What's going on down there?

Ruffled feathers!

Wanna see my trick? I can turn my head backwards!

Very, very handsome house finch. He has a big family this time.

Here's one of them...The little "horns" are so cute.

The brown thrashers are here every summer. I love them. They are the Georgia state bird.

Gobble, gobble.

This one is insatiable!

He's also a champion wing waver!

His first attempt at bathing in the birdbath - He fell right in!

Mr. Wonderful.

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Bird Girl said...

Oh that little tufted titmouse is just darling! His eye is enormous. How cute.
Love the bluebirds - aren't they sweet trying to get those 'coveted' mealworms!