Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Found a Minute!

I got my Christmas present early! Olympus E3 - and it's wonderful! These photos are mixed up, and some were made with the 510, but this one was shot with the new camera. The reviews on the camera had all raved about the beautiful blue skies in the photos, and here is a good example. This was hand-held, and I wasn't using the glitzy new VR...this thing focuses FAST !
Camille looks at ease in the snow.
And the little titmouse loves peanuts!

What is this stuff?

Goldfinches everywhere!
Little show-off!
The white-throats are back.
Unfortunately, this guy and his entire extended family visited.
And this one makes me crazy!!! He actually got in the house day before yesterday and spent the night up on the plant shelf with the bird figurines! Finally we sort of cornered him and opened the door and he flew out. Yay!! But he apparently didn't learn his lesson, because he keeps coming back - HE NEEDS TO LEAVE! I guess I'll put halos on my feeders.

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Bird Girl said...

WOW! Love that blue sky! And the bluebird picture is simply lovely. The wing action on your goldfinch? Perfection! Even your blackbird looks great! Congratulations on your NEW TOY! LUCKY BIRDLADY!!!