Tuesday, November 27, 2007

See you at the rainbow bridge.

Today we said sad good-byes to little Tink. She was 4 1/2 pounds of joyfulness, and she gave us all many years of fun and, oh, so much love. She was 15.


"I guess you don't really own a dog; you rent them,

and you have to be thankful that you had a long lease."

Joe Garagiola


Bird Girl said...

Oh...that just makes me so sad. A very difficult goodbye! There's nothing better than the unconditional love of a dog - only the grandkids can 'trump' that!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

I'm so sorry, I feel your pain. They certainly become an important member to the family. Not looking forward to my next one! What a cutie!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Helen: What a cutiepie she was. That was the same age as Jake.