Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nothing New, but Always New!

There were no surprises today from the back porch, but it doesn't matter to me - I love the "regulars" and until the last couple of years, they were enough for me. As a matter of fact, I usually begin my backyard birdwatching and feeding talks with "I'm not really a birder. I am a backyard birdwatcher." And I never tire of it. The birding bug has bit my husband and me, though, so we're off whenever we can get away.
Reflected beauty.

Waiting -

I just love his color.

This is not Ollie. He's one of the 5 that were in one of the big snags looking. Ollie came and had his fill, then this one.

How funny is this?! There was something on the outside of the tube, and he was trying to pick it off.

A more flattering pose, for sure!

OK, I'm outta here!



This one was actually made with my new toy - an Olympus 550UZ, that I got to take on bird walks. I love my "big stuff" but it's a bit too much for me on a long walk, with binoculars as well.

This is his "penguin act."

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Bird Girl said...

You are a most 'wonderful' backyard birdwatcher!!! And photographer! Your hummingbird pictures are becoming just out of this world - every one of them! And I love that 'Charlie chickadee'! Beautiful shots!