Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall Feeder Fun

Mrs. C. loves the Cole's Nutberry Suet Bend so much that she overcame her reluctance to come to the feeder while I was standing in the doorway.
And the "redbelly" never pays me much attention, as long as I stand still.

I am relieved - so far this year I haven't seen any housefinches with bad eyes. I did see evidence of eye disease last year and the year before.

Mixing it up!

Fall colors!

There were a male and female goldfinch eating at the niger feeder on the porch rail, and this little one was on the rail, practically dancing. When I came to the door, they all flew into the "bird tree" and Mama fed the baby there.

The wings never stopped waving.

The male never joined in....just mom and baby.

They cooperated well with me - totally enchanting!

One more - I couldn't stop!

Blackburnian warbler - I wish this one had been in my "bird tree" was much further back, and I had taken my teleconverter off to get the extra light, so I almost missed! This was shot at 500mm, f2.8; and it took every bit of that to just get an ID shot.
If only I had been a littl closer!

A last look before it was gone.


Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

You certainly captured some really beautiful shots, Bird Lady!!

Bird Girl said...

What a nice series - at least
someone is getting some great shots at the feeder! Your goldfinch pictures are just adorable!!!