Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer Treats

This treat is for me! The other 2 babies were in another tree.

I had to bait this with mealworms, and he was a bit squeamish at first, but once he saw the big red blob was OK, he munched away - I was wondering if he would actually try the watermelon itself, but the light was going fast, so I gave it up. I want to try this one morning.

I REALLY hoped he would taste it. With his "sweet beak" he would love it!

Double Delight!

One more of these - I just love to wach this!


Bird Girl said...

Enjoyed seeing your bluebirds together! And those chickadees - that is amazing to me that the like your hummer feeders! Bluebird on watermelon looks great in a picture!

RuthieJ said...

Hello Birdlady,
I found your blog through Blogger's new search process. Wow, what cool pictures you have taken. Looks like I'm going to learn from your blog also because I didn't know bluebirds eat watermelon or chickadees like hummingbird nectar!