Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Camera

My eagerly awaited Olympus E-510 came today! Oh, here we go with another learning curve. It's so miserable outside that all the birds are back in the trees - nothing much to shoot to try out the camera. Here are a few...

At least the daylilies aren't drooping. This one is beside the pond; the deer overlooked it.

And then - magic! Camille is building again..the last babies just fledged Saturday...that's fast.

She can't figure how to get all that nesting into the box.

He's overseeing......and babysitting. I saw the little ones this morning up in the trees.

1 comment:

Bird Girl said...

Yes, it takes a bit to get on to a new camera - but you're off to a great start. The bluebirds look up close and beautiful!