Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 2007

Off to Shenandoah Nat. Park - our very favorite place...We go for a day or two every other week. There were lots of elderberries, so we hunkered down and waited.

John likes to makes pictures of me making pictures.

Always, there need to be bluebirds - no matter where. This one apparently has chicks nearby.

Northern parula - he was very busy - and loud!

This little chestnut-sided warbler responded to my identiflier. He would come close and answer.

..............and sing!!

This little one posed very nicely.

And the indigo bunting took a break from berry eating and sat for me.

The rose-breasted grosbeak wasn't still for very long - but long enough. He was glorious!

We have lots of catbirds at home, but this one eating elderberries was particularly beautiful.

And what's not to love about cedar waxwings...

Back home, we heard about an orioles' nest right in our own neighborhood. Dubious though I was, I ran over after work and, lo and behold - Bad photo of beautiful bird. I was lucky enough to see the nest and the male and female. They were obviously feeding nestlings.

Now, in my own backyard, my special little friends....I never tire of watching them. The little downy woodpecker has turned into a mealworm bandit! He goes right into the mealworm feeder!

Mr. "C"
The little bluebird fledglings are so curious! This one tasted the orange.
But dad thinks the kids need their mealworms.

Then he just sits in the tree and looks beautiful.
The mealworm "jail" is a new feeder - the bars are easier for the babies to learn than the holes.
We have these at Backyard Boutique, and they are really popular.
Mama standing guard. The little ones were peeking out, and she is standing by and coaxing.

This is a sparrow halo. The manufacturer promotes them for use on feeders to keep the house sparrows away, but Backyard Boutique patrons and I have found them to be quite effective in driving the HS away from nestboxes, leaving the bluebirds in peace.

Catbird fledgling...there are 3 or 4 - they are so noisy!
Get outta here!

Another diligent parent.


Bird Girl said...

Wow! You certainly have a LOT going on...and very exciting pictures! I've not seen some of the birds you see at your Park.
Can't believe you caught that one with an elderberry in mid-air in the mouth! Good capture. And the bluebird baby checking out the orange - how cute is that? Great work here, Birdlady!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Just wanted to comment on your baby bluebird at the orange. That is a great setup and it gives me an idea for something different!!! So nice to see different birds from different areas. Thanks for sharing Birdlady.