Friday, December 18, 2009

Storm Watch.

The Big Storm is here. Less than an hour ago I looked and nothing was happening - now there's at least 1/2". It doesn't sound like there's any chance I'll get out of here tomorrow to open the store. I'll use the day to read your blogs and post some photos of the snow. I have plenty of bird food (Thankfully live mealworms came in today, so Ollie can have special treats.) and dogfood, so let it snow!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Stay safe.I will be waiting for those snow pictures.

TSannie said...

Hello, my friend! Much too long! We're on the edge of the storm so maybe, maybe not we'll get the snow. My feeders are just now getting action. Stocked up on suet cakes and they'll go out tomorrow morning. Must say, it's been an abundant food year. Very few birds visiting the feeders and NO (as in ZERO) squirrels! Imagine that!

Maria said...

Enjoy the snow! I love the white of winter... it adds the light we miss ~

My father-in-law on Long Island is to get 10- 12" tonight and tomorrow!
Stay warm and safe*

Eve said...

Good luck with the snow Helen, hope it's just beautiful and doesn't cause any problems! Enjoy!

holdingmoments said...

We've had some snow here, but probably nothing like you will be getting Helen.
I'll look forward to your pictures.