Monday, August 25, 2008

Late Summer

I can't believe how time is flying - it seems that we were all blogging away about the lingering winter, then the heat, and now the hummers are eating and fattening up for their long journey, the backyard birds are molting, and migration has begun.
Today's Greeting
While I was gone, my son came over and kept the feeders and birdbaths filled and mealworms out for the bluebirds. They were waiting for me when I got back....looking a little raggedy, but wonderful.



Look who's growing up!

Young male ruby-throat - his gorget just beginning...I know there are at least two different male juvies, as another has about almost half his throat covered now.

They don't use this feeder as much - they love the tubes.

Goldfinches have fledged - lousy picture, but it tells the story.

Housefinch - another young male...the red is starting to show.

Song sparrow - I never saw them eating peanuts before.

He doesn't have a clue that he is looking a little shabby.

Always cheery Carolina wrens...

A favorite of mine - this one was being really loud yesterday.

This is Emily - she's not going anywhere! I think maybe she was feeling a little left out, as Daisy Lou and the Golden Girls get their pictures posted regularly. She stayed at her "sleep-over" camp while I was gone. We adopted her 4 years ago from Country Club Kennels.

In addition to boarding and training, the owner has a rescue and adoption service, and she had found this wonderful little dog at the pound! She advertised her on Pet , where we discovered her after we lost our Bonnie. When I picked Emily up last Monday, there were 7 adorable little cocker spaniel puppies that had been rescued - boy, it was hard not to bring one home, but Emily likes being the princess...(prima dona).

Thank you, Carla. Miss Em is wonderful!


June said...

So many wonderful shots! Only birds left here are the goldfinches, some sparrows, hummers (yes, getting fat!), doves, and crows. Do crows migrate?

Eve said...

Beautiful photos and birds as usual Helen!
HELLO EMILY!!! You are a very good and lucky girl!! Glad you found the perfect home!
Thanks Helen!

kjpweb said...

Good smile to go along with my morning coffee!
Cheers, Klaus

fishing guy said...

Helen: What a great set of photos, so much for the eye to behold. you do capture bird life so beautifully.

Mary said...

Great bird shots! Nice seeing all that variety. My feeders have been sort of bare lately. Your little bluebirds are really growing up...but still cute.

Denise said...

I love your bird photos and oh Emily, you are such a little cutie pie.

Shellmo said...

I felt like it was my birthday seeing all these wonderful photos! Glad to see my cardinals aren't the only ones looking a little shab! Emily looks happy and loved.

jalynn01 said...

Been away for the week end and you posted a lot of beautiful pictures in my absence!! I just love all three cards, hummer, cardinal so absolutely beautiful and the fawn is to die for. Those eye lashes, you captured are stunning. The other birds tell it all from molting to getting fat. Fall is upon us already. I can't believe it. I saw my first hawk in the sky last week, and on my trip I must have seen a dozen! They are on the move.
Nice post Helen.

TSannie said...

Your pics always amaze me. Just wonderful!

Emily really must be the queen bee for you to leave those puppies behind. Believe me, from irritating experience, we will never be a 2 dog family again.
'Nuff said!

Marsha said...

What a wonderful series of shots and I enjoyed meeting Emily~