Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day in the Park

On the spur of the moment yesterday, we decided to go out to SNP and spend the night. I didn't take time to post, or look at your blogs, so here's your greeting for today!

We got there late, and this was the view driving down Skyline Drive.

We saw this beautiful fellow, and he posed nicely - too bad there was very little light.

This is the view from our balcony this morning.

Everybody say "Ah" all together.

Let there be light. On the walk to our favorite spot.

John made this picture - that's me, trudging ahead heavy-laden.

Bee on thistle - shot with Lumix.

Bee on thistle, with my Olympus rig.

Leaving the Park - With all I had left undone to go, one would think I would have come home and gotten busy, but I downloaded all my pictures and sat for a couple of hours "painting" this one.

Scenery on the way home. Doggone wires! I'll have to do some cloning.

Funny Sign..

Looks like a cattail in a tutu!

No greetings yesterday, 2 today!


Willard said...

It looks like you had a super trip, and I enjoyed the photographs very much!

This post is really making me want to go to the park for a morning's photography session. I definitely have to go in early August if not before.

June said...

No apologies needed! Your pictures were a treat to see.

NCmountainwoman said...

Ah! Definitely worth waiting for. Thanks.

lisaschaos said...

Lots of lovely views! I like your cattail with a tu-tu. :)

And thistle always looks so pretty, even though it's a weed. and hurts to step on.

Bird Girl said...

How I love this post! The evening shot of Skyline Drive is so awesome - wish I were there! I like that awesome buck in just the light you captured him - wow! Your painting is great - you are getting so good with that digital paint the funny sign and the greeting! Your new toy is doing a nice job as well! Where do you stay when you go to the park?

Jayne said...

So beautiful Helen. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

John Theberge said...

You got some great photos, looks like it was worth the trip.

The Birdlady said...

Willard - SNP never disappoints...maybe we don'r see what we went for, but something wonderful is always there.

June - thanks.

Carolyn - we obviously share a great love for those mountains.

Lisa - thanks for visiting.

Barb - thanks...the problem with the low light was that we were hand holding - and with that kind of shutter speed, it doesn't work very well. I love the tiny new camera - not much good for birds, but I have what I need for the birds - this is great for photos I wouldn't have gotten at all - including the buck. We stay at Skyland, which is at the top of the mountains - highest point in the park..tell them you want a room in the back section where the conference hall is, with a view of the valley.

Jayne - yes our end of the mountains is beautiful, just as is your end.

John - it's always well worth is a wonderful place, with photo-ops of one kind or another every trip.

Shellmo said...

All your photos were enjoyable - the squirrel pose was adorable - he did look sorry but no need for apologies!

Eve said...

Looks like you got some well deserved R and R!!
Thanks Helen!

kjpweb said...

It's very comforting to see how much beauty we're surrounded with! Just hope we'll be able to keep it that way! Especially loved the 2nd Card! Gorgeous!
Cheers, Klaus

fishing guy said...

Helen: I'm not sorry, that was one great post and I loved the grey squirrel. Wonderful captures today of nature today.

Anonymous said...

OK Helen, As you posted a great card we will all let you off. {:)

Mary said...

I love that squirrel card! What a wonderful place to go and I'm glad you got the time off to have a trip there. You can't always be "poured out"....sometimes we have to "fill up". Love the cattail in a does look like that :-) The thistle looks beautiful in both shots and I'm not sure which color I like best. Gorgeous deer!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love the Skyline Drive, but haven't been there in years. Your scenics are wonderful. Pretty deer, too. I loved the cards. The little squirrel is adorable!

For The People said...

Those are some really nice shots! BTW, where is your other blog? I got started a little earlier today. Stop by my place if you get a chance. Have a wwonderful day!

Dave Coulter said...

Lovely shots, like always! :)

TSannie said...

Your squirrel is just precious. And I love the "painting" you did.

Anna Simpson said...

Such a sweet photograph of the squirrel, I love it. Great landscape photographs!

Well done!