Friday, May 9, 2008

Skywatch? Nope - Can't See It.

There was certainly no way to skywatch today. It stormed all night, and continued to rain through the morning. We decided to ride out to Shenandoah anyway, just to see. What we saw was clouds, drizzle, and fog.

Today's Card

Today's Baby Album Photo

5 fledglings and more to come soon...

This clematis will bloom throughout the summer. It's the first one I've ever been successful with.

The wind was blowing the columbine, but I snapped it anyway.

I'm not sure what this is - it is in my neighbor's garden, and I trespassed.

Shiny and loud.

No light on this one, so no shine. (or maybe a female, or another blackbird altogether?)

Something - probably a raccoon, destroyed this wonderful seed/pecan cake during the night, and this little bandit was having a feast.

The downy WP, eating away on what's left of it.

Ending the post on my favorite note.


TSannie said...

What WONDERFUL pictures.

Caption for the first photo: "And DAD why don't I have a game boy and a cell phone and a car and everything else all my buddies have????" "I AM SO DEPRIVED!!!!"

Dad's reply: "When will he just shut UP already!"

The Birdlady said...

tsannie - LOL!

Mary said...

So many beautiful pictures and I really love the cards you are sharing with us each day! When the raccoons come to my house they don't just destroy, they devour and I lose an entire suet/seed cake over night! Really ticks me off. Love Annie's comment....that father did look like he was totally losing interest in parenthood already :-)

Anonymous said...

Dang! You got too many nice birds and I got nothing to compare at the moment. That flower is a "Spider Wort" I think. I might have spelled it wrong but that looks like mine.

It is next to impossible to kill and it spreads like honey on hot toast. Type spider wort in Google search or yahoo search images and see what comes up.

Blue birds or bluebirds are not a dime a dozen around here. People put out all kinds of lures but nothing seems to really work to get them to come by for a visit. I think an old fence post with previous nests inside it might work but I can't even find a fence around here let along a fence post.

WE have had a biblical rain here for a couple of days and Noah has been walking up and down the street followed by an assortment of raccoons, rabbits, chipmunks and eastern gray squirrels. I don't know if I should get in line or call the cops.

As always, your blog is a blessing.

kjpweb said...

Great Pictures - and how else can it be? For the blue Flower - I think the former President is right. Common Spiderwort...
Have a nice Weekend! Cheers, Klaus

Stacey Huston said...

What a bright and beautiful card. and your photos WOW! you didn't need the thanks birdlady.

The Birdlady said...

Abe, you made me laugh! I can picture the little parade.
Thanks for the flower ID - Oh I wish you could get some bluebirds. They are wonderful.

The Birdlady said...

Mary - the raccoons can really make a mess!

K - Thank you as always.

Stacey, you are too kind!

Jotter Jan said...

Beautiful card and beautiful shots! My favorite was also the last was just perfect!!!