Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter's Not All Bad

I am not a winter person. I hate to be cold, and I need light, which is a bit scarce in winter. But it has its beauties; we are blessed to have our most beautiful birds with us through the winter. We went out today to see if we could find anything to "shoot," but really all the best were right here.

Mrs. C looks very regal, doesn't she?

And Mr. C is always posing.

This little guy was raising a ruckus. (I have to wonder if it the same one who enjoyed the hummingbird nectar so much last summer...maybe that's what he's fussing about - that this water isn't sweet!)

He wanted something from the lower branch, and worked upside down for several minutes at it - then he seemed to figure it out, and hopped down where it was easier.
She's such a beauty!

Strange behavior for a bluebird - but he can't read, so he doesn't know he's not really a "clinger."

I love the tiny titmice...

in all their poses.

This little downy is a regular visitor.

So is the mockingbird - he has been trying to bully the bluebirds, but he doesn't win.

We don't have many of the little song sparrows, but always have a few.

Same one -

Watching and waiting - he sat there and glared at me while I snapped away for a good while.


Bird Girl said...

You're right, birdlady -- all the very best birds are right in our own backyards this time of year! What a wonderful variety you have there -- but you know my favorites are the bluebirds!Wonderful shots!

Bird Girl said...

Oh yippee! You got your picture back up there. You just look great in that birding hat!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

You have quite the variety, and you display them so beautifully!! Isn't is just great having them for our pleasure. Very nice shots!!