Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Warbler in the Bird Tree!

This morning my wonderful "bird tree" was again sheltering and providing sustenance for a little traveler. I'm pretty sure it's a yellow-rumped warbler, and I developed a new appreciation for them last week at the banding station. Everyone was joking about the abundance of the little butter-butts, along with a scarcity of other species. The bander sort of woke me up with his comment that it's really wonderful to see that one species is thriving, when so many are struggling. Anyway, I haven't ever seen them here in the fall before, althought they do pass through in the spring in all their fancy colors.

It was very polite, and never turned its tail towards me, and I couldn't get a glimpse of a yellow rump, but it has the yellowish sides, and the face looks right.

It has a long way to go, although not as far as many of the warblers.


Bird Girl said...

I want that bird tree! Your little warbler is so darn cute! I've seen them in my yard, too (even alive) but can't get a good shot!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

What a cutie, I have my birds all trained, or they have me trained to take most of their photos from the backside, haha.