Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Home Team

My regulars, plus a couple of warblers who were passing through.
I wasn't expecting to see this little immature chestnut-sided warbler out in my bird tree - and I certainly didn't see him for long, but here he is - this is the only decent shot I managed.
We spotted the black-throated green warbler at almost the same time - this is actually John's photo - mine wasn't very good. I still had "uber-lens" pointed at the spot where the chestnut sided was.

Mr Wonderful!

So cute..

Mr C. is looking better. (All his kids have left!)

Yellow is almost gone.

Noisy little nuthatch -

The hummingbirds had all left last week - I guess this one was just passing through - I keep the feeders up for a while after they leave.
I always have to take the test tube hummingbird feeder down in the late summer, because of bees. (I think maybe this year the only 5 bees left in the country were at my hummingbird feeder, harassing the little birds!)

We like watching this tree - the squirrels use the cavity in winter, and the birds in summer.

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Mimi said...

I just love the warblers -- more and more each time I see them - wonderful! My favorite of the whole lot is the squirrel shot - how darling!