Monday, September 17, 2007

Last Days of Summer

Ollie was MIA for 3 days, and I was in a panic. Actually, he might have been around - I was just not here very much, and Camille was coming for mealworms but I didn't see him. Anyway, he showed up again, looking much better. They were a little rough looking there for a while, but they're coming around.

The Carolina wrens love mealworms too! And their singing is so beautiful - and LOUD!

Celebrate our differences!

The chains are to keep raccoon friend from throwing the feeders down.

Another mealworm fan. But he really likes these "suet nuts" from Cole's. We sell only Cole's seeds and feed - the birds love it and our customers love having so many "guests" at their feeders!
I guess he's had enough sugar water to sit still and pose. He's still guzzling it - so funny.

She looks like she's about to execute a swan-dive.
Life by the golf course.

The one was alone here for a few days; now more of them are passing through and staying for a bit. This is late for them - I hope they head on out soon, as much as I will miss their antics and beauty. This is the fattest hummingbird I've ever seen. Hope she will be able to fly!! LOL
The young ones especially love the Canyon Trading feeders. There are lots of resting places.
Young male - nice necklace.


Anonymous said...

pretty, pretty !!!!!!!

Bird Girl said...

So happy to hear that Ollie is O.K. and how funny to see the bluebird and the wren together at the feeder. The picture of 'Charlie'? Chickadee is so nice! By the way - never heard of Cole's suet nuts - but I sure would like to try them!!!