Friday, September 28, 2007

Brisk Day in the Mountains

We got up at 5:30 this morning and headed for SNP. Weather forecasts called for wind here, and partly cloudy there; but about halfway, we ran into rain. It stopped by the time we got to Limberlost, but was cool, damp, very windy - and dark! We covered our favorite part of the trail without seeing or hearing anything except juncos, towhees, and a catbird. On the way back, we encountered some very welcome little travelers. The first was some sort of warbler with a lot of yellow on his face - not one I remember seeing before, and he flew right in front of me - for a nanosecond - then off into the brush, not to be seen again!

Then we saw ruby-crowned kinglets, hovering, flitting, and feasting. They are so tiny and beautiful - we didn't see a single "ruby crown!"

The warblers are so confusing, especially in the fall. I think this is an immature magnolia warbler - it has the white eyering, 2 white wingbars, and the white band on the tail. It was beautiful.

It was also a little more cooperative with the photographer!

Another guess - All I can figure is that this is female black-throated blue warbler. It has the white line over the eye and white under the eye, and the little white spot on the wing. It was definitely the right colors.

" Chip-chip-chip-chip-chip"

Right after we got home, this guy came to the's the first red-breasted nuthatch I've seen around here!

He looks like he's smiling. I wasn't! I can't even believe I was on my belly, eye to eye with him. Well, he was about as big around as my thumb, and maybe 18" long. And, of course, I'm very brave. NOT!


Bird Girl said...

Love that little kinglet - the warblers - wow - you get great shots and such a variety! But I have to say -- kudos on the snake shot -- on the ground -- eye to eye! This indeed made spectacular shot!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Beautiful shots Bird Lady! Can't say I am as brave as you with the snake though. I would sooner be close to my black bears!! haha