Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My little "Wild Kingdom."

There was early activity outside this morning. This is one of two young squirrels that were playing hide-and-seek.
He would go around and around the tree trunk, then run up into the branches, then back down.

The hummers emptied the test tube feeder!

They actually seemed to be taking turns instead of fighting at the feeder.

Baby robin was cheep-cheeping away.

And mama (or dad) has something for his breakfast.

My mealworm thief - he's actually stashing mealworms in the cavity!

Just showing off.

These two must be buddies - they were together yesterday, and came back today together.
"Share our similarities; celebrate our differences."
Morning toilette.
And his lady friend.

1 comment:

Bird Girl said...

I enjoyed the peek into your part of the wild kingdom! Things were happening and you sure got in on the action - how do you ever go to work!
My favorite is the "Morning toilette" A fun series, birdlady!