Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A couple of hours in SNP.

We got off to the park late - things just kept coming up and needing to be done. It was a wonderful cool day, but by the time we got there, it was getting a little dark.

The towhee was singing his heart out.

And here's the object of his affections.

These photos leave a lot to be desired, but the little redstart was so cute - he was trying to be brave, but he would hop close then flit away.

There are barn swallows living under the roof of the entrance gate at the park. I made a few shots when we were going in, but I was trying to hurry and handhold looking way up, and I didn't get anything worth putting on. Next time, I'll set up properly. There were 3 little nestlings in one nest, just looking over the side of the nest.....so beautiful!


Bird Girl said...

The towhee's are great -- was he singing 'drink your tea?'
Thanks so much for posting the baby redstart -- I've never seen a redstart--baby or otherwise, but would LOVE to see one.

ShutterBunce said...

Just passing through and was blown away by your photography!
Fabulous so clear and colorful!
Thanks so much!