Sunday, July 1, 2007

Back Porch View

I worked today, and didn't get much of a chance to get many pictures. But the little "blue angels" gave me such a good show, it was OK. They have a never-ending supply of mealworms, so they don't go far! These babies just fledged last Sat (week ago).
What do I do now?
Maybe I should move over here.

Aw, I'll just "saddle up" here. (I can't figure out how to stand on this thing anyway.)

The ones in the tree got fed first.

They are so wonderful - and there is one little blue egg in the nest. I got the nestbox "spycam" installed and running. The demonstration DVD from the manufacturer has owls, titmice, and bats - no bluebirds! So I need to get busy and make one with bluebirds. Exciting!

Speaking of titmice....

I love the "ruffled feathers" shots.

Using safflower in the Squirrel Buster for the time being. The grackels were eating way too much! But - the squirrels certainly aren't getting any from this feeder. It's our best seller right now.

So tiny, and so cute!

Also very tiny. Last year I had a little chipping sparrow trying to raise a baby cowbird! The baby was much larger than "mama."

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Bird Girl said...

Wow! The new camera is doing a great job with the bluebirds -- love the way you're getting the wing action. Those little one's are so darn sweet - they melt my heart!
What do you suggest to keep the starlings from robbing my feeders? I always have to stop feeding for a while. I hate them!